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The Workday HCM Suite

Workday’s HCM Suite covers an extensive number of applications that merge expertise management, recruiting, payroll, benefits, financials, and greater into an unmarried platform. It consists of everything from an applicant tracking system (ATS) to lower back workplace HR control software program — and everything in between. it’s Recruiting software allows recruiters find, have interaction, and hire candidates in addition to manage referrals, social media integration, gives, sourcing analytics, and onboarding. Its personnel management software assists with overall performance management, profession development, repayment, and a group of workers making plans and corporation. Meanwhile, Workday’s lower back workplace management programs help groups run their payroll and advantages operations and to manage their expenses.

Workday Content

Workday course Content for HCM.

Workday HCM Functional Course Content

 Chapter 1: Core Concepts and Navigation Basics  Chapter 2: Organization In Workday  Chapter 3: Staffing Models  Chapter 4: Jobs and Positions  Chapter 5: Compensation  Chapter 6: Security Groups  Chapter 7: Defining Business Process  Chapter 8: Transaction In Workday  Chapter 9: Report Writer ,Custom Fields and Trending  Chapter 10: Reorganizations  Chapter 11: I Loads (Concepts) Chapter 1:Core Concepts and Basic Navigation 1. Core Concepts 2. Business Objects 3. Custom Labels 4. Basic Navigation Chapter 2: Organization In Workday  Organization Types  Supervisory Organization  Reorganization  Set up of Supvisory Org Structure  Managing Supervisory Org  Additional Org Types  Org Hierarchy  Org Assignment on Supervisory Org  Org Reports Chapter Chapter 3:Staffing Models  Type of Staffing Models  Configuring each staffing model  Hiring Restriction a)Positon Management b)Headcount Management c) Job Management  Differentiating between staffing models  Maintaining Staffing Models Chapter 4:Job and Position  Job Profile  Job Profile and localization  Job profile and Compensation  Management Level Hierarchy  Differentiating Job Profile, Job Family, job Groups  Creating Job Profile  Creating Position and headcount groups  Managing Filled and unfilled position and headcount groups  Creating positions  Edit position and position restriction  Close position vs managing a hiring freeze Chapter 5:Compensation  Compensation Overview  Compensation Components  Compensation Elements  Compensation plans – Salary – Unit Salary – Hourly ,Allowances – One time Payment ,Merit ,Bonus  Compensation Grades, Grades Profiles and steps  Compensation package  Compensation eligibility Chapter 6:Security Groups  Security Groups  Security Groups types  Configurable Security  Functional Area ,securable items and security poilices Chapter 7:Defining Business Process  Business Process Overview  Navigating to the Business Process Definition  Supervisory organization and Business Process  Editing a Business Process  Condition rules  Adding a Notification  Copying a Business Process Chapter 8:Transaction in workday  Creating Applicants  Hiring in Supervisory organization  Assigned user based security groups  Hire into position/job/Headcount Management  Staffing Movement  Termination  Request delegation and inactive supervisory organizations  Workday Account  Viewing Personal Data Chapter 9:Reports  Reports Writer  Reports types  Slandered Reports  Custom Reports  Custom Report types  Sharing Reports  Data Sources  Business Objects  How RW Works Chapter 10:ReOrganization  Create Reorganization Event  Divide Organization  Assign Superior Organization  Create Subordinate Organization  Reassign New Organization Roles  Moving Workers in a Reorganization  Inactivate Organization Chapter 10:ILoads  Iloads – Data push – Data Extraction  Kinds of data load – Foundation – Master  Implementations suites  Implementations areas  Implementations tasks

Workday HCM Integration (Technical) Course Content

Integration Core  Integration Architecture Overview – Integration System Tools – Integration Cloud Connect  Integration System Building Blocks – Core Connectors – Overview Core Connectors – Core Connector: Worker – Core Connector: Inbound Organization – Integration System Security  Document Transformation – XTT (XML To Text) – ETV (Element Transformation and Validation) – Business Process Framework Integration Core Document Transformation  Integrations Systems Concepts  Launch an Integration System  Schedule a Recurring Integration  Document Transformation Concepts  Document Transformation Without Prompts  Document Transformation With Prompts Workday Web Services  Overview of Workday Integration Architecture  Workday Public Web Services  Understanding WSDL  Reporting as a Service (RaaS) Custom APIs  Workday Studio Web Service Tester Enterprise interface builder ( E I B )  EIB Overview  The Generated EIB Spreadsheet Model  Reference IDs and Data Structures  Inbound EIB integrations  Outbound EIB integrations  Workday Reports-as-a-Service (RaaS)  EIB spreadsheet templates  Custom XSLT with Workday EIB  Workday Web Services with EIB  Trigger an outbound EIB integration Understanding Id’s  Integration ID Overview  Reference IDs in EIB Integrations  IDs in Inbound for XSLT Workday Integration Payroll  Introduction to Discovery Document  Overview of Payroll Setup and Processing  Payroll Processing Framework  Roles and Security  Calculation Engine  Net Pay Validation and Arrears  Payroll Input and Processing  Payroll Accounting  Federal, State, and Local Tax Reporting  Withholding Orders  Banking and Settlement  Business Processes  Self Service  Reporting in Workday Core Connector/Cloud Connector: Workday CCB/Benefits  Benefit foundation set up  Setting up benefit groups  Creating benefit plans and rates  Configuration of enrollment event types and rules  Benefit business processes  Enrollment event processing and coordination of events  Passive events  Evidence of inseparability  Processing Open Enrollment Workday Calculated Fields  Calculated Field Concepts  System wide vs. Report Specific Calculated Fields  Global Calculated Fields (e.g. Constants)  Calculated Field Dependencies  Available Functions, such as: – Date Calculation and Formatting Functions – String and Text Functions – True/False Conditions – Evaluate Expression – Convert Currency – Lookup Functions to leverage hierarchies – Functions that access Related Business Objects – Lookup Value as of Date – Arithmetic Calculations  Key Reports & Resources  Performance Considerations Workday studio  Introducing Workday Studio  Workday Studio Install  Workday Studio Navigation Tips  Studio Runtime Architecture  Features and Navigation of Workday Studio  Workday Studio Assemblies (integration systems) Components  Basic Flow of Control Between Assembly Components  Basics of Web Services, XSLT, and MVEL in Workday Studio.  Building Integrations: Using the Assembly Editor  Report Designer: Introduction  Report Designer: Demonstration Report Writer  Report Writer terminology, concepts, navigation, and tasks  Understanding Report Data Sources, Primary and Related Business objects and Class Report Fields  Running and Copying Delivered Reports  Creating and editing Simple and Advanced Report types  Introduction to Matrix report types  Contextual reporting  Sorting and Filtering results  Grouping and Totaling results  Sharing Reports and Report Security basics  Report Tags  Scheduling Reports  Managing and tracking Custom Reports  Key Reporting Resources 

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